Hi everyone,

At the beginning of the quarantine, I decided to transform myself into the best version I could be. To do that I had to improve myself physically and mentally.

I noticed that there are some mistakes I did at first when I didn´t have any experience in this area. So, I thought it would be nice to share with you all to prevent you from doing the same thing as I did.


  1. Cutting Out All Carbs From Your Diet

At first, I thought that the Carbs were kind of evil because I thought that it was what was making me gain weight. Well, I was WRONG! Actually, the Carbohydrates it´s what is giving you the energy to do practically everything. The important thing for weight loss is that the calories you consume are less than what you burn. So, it doesn´t matter WHERE your calories come from because carbs have the same amount of calories per gram as protein. Although the only difference is that carbs are ADDICTIVE that´s why people perceive carbs as something bad and sometimes something caloric. Especially, fast-digesting, simple carbs. The thing is that people can snack carbs but they can´t do the same thing with proteins because proteins just make you feel so FULL. Without talking that it doesn´t cause the same amount of pleasure on your brain as a snack on carbohydrates.

WHAT YOU SHOULD DO: Exchange more times simple carbs like rice and pasta to more complex carbs like peas, beans, fruits, or vegetables. Only consume what you need and not what you want. Moderation and discipline is the key!

2. Snacking As A Habit

This is the WORST thing anyone who wants to lose weight can do because it´s a great way to consume a lot of calories without even noticing. Can you still snack in between meals? OF COURSE! Although normally snacks are not designed to be healthy or nutritive. For example, cookies, chips, or crackers. One healthy way to snack without worrying about calories is to do something that I usually do. Dismiss any type of snack that is sold in a plastic package because it´s not created to be healthy but to be ADDICTIVE! You can snack carrots, fruit shakes using oatmeal or fruit.

Eat when you have to not when you want to. I see a lot of people snaking just to pass the time or maybe out of habit, at work, or at school. A lot of times people will snack because they are actually thirsty and interpret that feeling as hungry.

WHAT YOU SHOULD DO: The next time you reach any plastic package snack ask yourself “Am I really hungry or am I thirsty?”, “Do I need this or am I just bored?”. Drink some water and wait 15 minutes to see if the urge of eating goes away. If it doesn´t snack on fruits like watermelon or melon for example.

3. Avoid Drinking Soda/Juice On Daily Basis

There are SO MANY PEOPLE that drink that type of drinks every day. It´s terrifying and amazing how people trust in the package of the drink. Some of them can even say that they are sugar-free to persuade clients to buy that product. The truth is that almost every soda/juice product in the grocery stores are full of sugar instead of fruit as the publicity claim they have. You should need to analyze what ingredients the product has in their backpacks and don´t trust what it´s the first thing you see when you pick up the drink. A serving of store-bought orange juice often has the same amount of calories as a can of coke.

WHAT YOU SHOULD DO: Invest in doing your own fresh drinks. Like lemonade, you can add mint, strawberries, etc… Whatever it is your favorite flavor you could start doing something delicious and healthy. You can still consume soda/juice but not every day because that can be prejudicial for someone that is trying to lose weight.

4. Have A Super Strict Diet And Then Have Cheat Days

Honestly, by experience that is not going to result because you are going to be compensating that cheat day the rest of your week. For example, imagine that your cheat day is on Thursday right. You will eat whatever you want on that day. Now you are going to be doing everything you can to lose the extra calories you gain and probably you will lose. Although when you notice it´s already Wednesday and tomorrow is going to be your cheat day. It´s exhausting to be doing this frequently and you will probably quit your weight loss journey.

WHAT SHOULD YOU DO: Have control of what you eat and know your body. Settle with a diet that can bring you joy and don´t be so strict with yourself. Be exigent but don´t be paranoid everything with moderation.

5. Ignoring Resisting Training

People think that they can just do cardio all their life and the fat will eventually melt off their body. Which, TECHNICALLY, it´s true. However, it´s not the most effective way to do it. Resisting training increases your muscle mass and having more muscle increases how many calories you will burn for the rest of the day.

If you don´t do some resisting training you will lose fat but you will not gain muscle. That can be prejudicial in the end because if you lose a lot of fat mass you will risk having fallen fat when you could have a toned body with other workouts.

WHAT SHOULD YOU DO: Combine Resistance, HIIT, and Liss Cardio so that you are doing all the workouts. Stay in a caloric deficit as I mentioned in tip # 1 since your main focus is fat loss. Once you have reached your optimal body fat percentage you can go into a caloric surplus, keep doing all 3 workouts, and focus on building muscle.

I hope all these tips were helpful. I appreciate it if you leave on the comments if you had done any of these mistakes in the past.

I´ve changed a little bit the layout that I usually used to do. Do you like this one ?

I´ve had a busy week so I could only post today. Hope you liked it.

Byeee see you soon!


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