My experience w/ ANXIETY

I’m going to be honest with you all since we all went back to work/school it´s been stressful. In my opinion, it has been worse than when we were working from home.

This is an uncommon opinion but on one hand, the quarantine helped me change my mindset and organize my priorities and I thought it was a blessing honestly. Although, on other hand, there were/are people dying from this awful virus.


  1. You need to discover what were/are trigging your anxiety

Like I said in the beginning quarantine was very helpful because I went for 2/3 years being, acting, or doing/being something that I was not because I was not making the right decisions since I had no goals in my life. When you don´t have goals in life you don´t know what direction your path should take so you don´t know if you are doing something good or bad.

I found quarantine a blessing because I found what was my anxiety was coming from: The stress I got from dealing with toxic interaction.

I was surrounded by people that were toxic to me. So, I got rid of them and since we had to go to an isolation process I didn´t have to confront them so I start moving in the opposite direction. I started working out where I lost 20 pounds (9 kilos), I started to educate myself by books or podcasts other things.

What I want you to retain from my experience is that when you discovered the problem you can solve it.

  Were you thinking about your job? Were you thinking about that test that didn´t go as you wish? Were you thinking about your financial situation?

2. Anxiety attacks

Did you ever have anxiety attacks? Do you know why?

Since you already discovered what action leads to that feeling you must analyze after your anxiety attack what was the emotion that leads to that kind of behaving. 

Normally, anxiety attacks are caused by the reaction of your brain when it comes to a situation of fear. Although, they can provide from different emotions. An anxiety attack is caused by the excessive emotion you are feeling when confronted by a situation/problem that came to your head that normally is connected to bad memories or bad emotions.

Example:  If you connect it to fear. Now you know that when you had an anxiety attack you were thinking about your job and since you connected to fear. Probably, in this example, the person fears to lose their job.


Example: Why are you afraid of losing your job? Did you do something you shouldn´t? They are trying to replace you?

WHY are you afraid?

When you find the reason for these 3 questions you can start making solutions and when you start to have anxiety attacks you can start to try to control them with time. Find tricks to clear your head for example. There are so many options and solutions for different problems and different people. Two people with the same problem can solve them differently because they have different backgrounds, educations, ideas, personalities and so much more.

To sum up, my advice is for you to reflect and analyze your problem before you try to find help from the outside or quit. I know that there are professionals in this area, and I recommend you to look for them if you can´t solve your problem because they are great. They study the human mind and behaviors and other helpful things, but nobody can know you better than you can.

See you soon,



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