The power of our minds

Hi everyone,

Today we’re going to talk about how positive thoughts can change your reality and may solve some of your problems.

I know that there are people that don´t believe in that but they should.


If you think about it in life you attract everything you put your energy to, right? The energy that you are receiving and giving can be positive or negative.

To people that don´t believe in the concept of energy you can use other words such as actions and thoughts. These are two of the things you get when you are open minded to your surroundings and to different perspectives so that you can make a wise choice.

If you think about it there are different situations that can impulse transformation. For example, in general, a break -up normally is painful to your mind and in consequence it will affect your body. That´s why everyone is aware of the trend of “before and after her/him” and usually we can notice physical changes but these couldn´t happen if there wasn´t a change of thoughts and perspective as well.  

Practically what everyone does to move on from an ex-lover is focussing on themselves or find someone that will “treat them better” but in reality if someone doesn´t heal properly it will lead to a toxic relationship because the hurt one will automatically depend on their partner for something they desire. However, that´s for another day.

As I was saying, the process of moving forward is to focus their energy on themselves. That´s why people normally decide to do productive things that will lead to their own satisfaction.

Your mind is powerful because you have a certain control over it and you have the power to give positive or negative energy and the autonomy to receive a negative thing and transform it in a good thing by a different perspective. Although, if you are trying to give positive energy and you still don´t feel good about yourself it´s probably because you are surrounded by toxic energy. A friendly advice get rid of that it´s just keeping you from being the best version of yourself.

The break-up was just an example, but this applies to many situations.

To sum up, be careful about what kind of energy you transmit because what you give is what you get.


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